ACA  SECA  TRIO,  South American  beauty                  for  the  music  of  the  world.

In 2009, Pat Metheny wrote this email to Pedro Aznar and Pedro was very nice, by sharing this email with us (thanks Pedro!):

"Someone recently sent me a bunch of links of you and the Aca Seca Trio. You all sound so great! What a nice combination. And those guys seem to be great musicians, so nice to hear so many chords! 

And you all doing "Mas Alla" - yeah! 

Really nice bass playing and solo too. Yeah, Pedro! 
Anyway, you sound just as spectacular as ever. (...)  Are you                                                                                             guys gonna play together up here anytime? (...). I would love
                                                                                      to hear that live".


                                                                 PAT METHENY

-How do you feel performing with Aca Seca?
"I already performed with Aca Seca in Sao Paulo. What a concert! Andres (Beeuwsaert, Aca Seca's keyboardist) is a genious. He is one of the great pianists-composers of today (...). Andres is following my same pianistic school, that one coming from Bill Evans and going to the Keith Jarret's side".


(On April 2015 (interview with newspaper La Nación, regarding some                                                                             new concerts with Aca Seca Trio).  
IVAN LINS                                        

                                                      ACA SECA performing with IVAN LINS: 



"I had the great privilege of attending the first concert in New York, and the USA, by Argentina's extraordinary group, Aca Seca Trio. Comprised of Juan Quintero (guitar/voice); Andrés Beeuwsaert (keys/voice); and Mariano Cantero (percussion/voice), they performed many of my favorites pieces, and everything they played was beautifully executed, and received with excitement and love from an adoring audience. I greatly admire these three wonderful musicians for their vision, and the courage to pursue it, even if logic would seem to be saying to them, "you can't possibly succeed playing music that is neither 'this' nor 'that' - but, in the end, none of this matters, because they are doing something that is, to these ears, completely unique on this earth. What they are doing is so very special. You don't have to be a musician to appreciate it, and you don't even have to speak Spanish to feel the songs. How much I admire the fact that they can say so much in a 3:30 song - and artists like me need so much more time to get to the point! I watch Juan Quintero play these incredibly complex classical guitar passages, and sing at the same time. It just seems impossible to me. What is so wonderful to see is that when he sings there are no overstated or grand gestures, no facial contortions, just a voice and the lyrics. It's a lesson in just how wonderful a minimalist and completely natural approach can be." (May 2014).



BOB JAMES wrote directly to Andres Beeuwsaert, by giving him some nice coments abour ACA SECA's music. Bob James is the pianist of the super group Fourplay (Lee Ritenour, Nathan East, Larry Carlton, Harvey Mason, Chuck Loeb & Bob James).

"Hi Andrés, 

I discovered your music from a recommendation from guitarist

Steve Khan. (...).

We all LOVE your music with Aca Seca Trio (...). We have become big fans!!!! 

Congratulations!! This is fantastic!!!


Sometimes I hate Facebook.....but sometimes, like today...I LOVE IT!

I'm currently touring with the group Fourplay and all of us in the group are freaking out for your Aca Seca Trio music!!!! I mean REALLY freaking out! hahaha... Listening every day! And with every listen we discover new subtle things. It's amazing that you were even aware of my music. I'm flattered and happy that we have a common bond. Really looking forward to hearing your solo work.
Please, express my deep respect and appreciation to Juan Quintero as well. 

The chemistry between you guys is amazing!"


                                                             BOB JAMES

Pedro Aznar, ex-musician of the Pat Metheny Group,
giving his opinion about ACA SECA'S music:

"(...) Their music is well nourished -and a lot- and very happily by Egberto Gismonti, by the Brazilian Bachiana, by The Beatles, by Keith a lot of things. (...) and their are a look toward the future. (...) Congratulations!



An unparalleled musical syncretism.

ACA SECA is an Argentinean band.

Members are Juan Quintero, acoustic guitar and voice, Andrés Beeuwsaert, keyboards and voice & Mariano Cantero, percussion and voice.

The musical syncretism produced by ACA SECA is unparalleled!!

That's why musicians such as Egberto Gismonti, Pat Metheny, Ivan Lins, Nathan East, Joe Lovano, Bob James, Steve Khan, Pedro Aznar & Luis Alberto Spinetta (among others) have praised the work of Aca Seca, where we can find the richest South American folklore, jazz, vocal pieces, an elegant song and even elements of classic music. The final product is a sophisticated creation of sounds.

The band has released "ACA SECA TRIO" (2003), "AVENIDO" (2006) & "VENTANAS" (also with a DVD, 2009). The CD "Avenido" was also released in Japan & Italy.

This year 2015 ACA SECA just won the important prize Konex dedicated to 100 outstanding Argentinian personalities of the last decade. Aca Seca had already won this prize in 2005. Among previous winners we can mention Astor Piazzolla, Carlos Gardel, Atahualpa Yupanqui, Mercedes Sosa, Luis Alberto Spinetta, Charly García & Eduardo Falú.

During the last 15 years, ACA SECA has been performing in the USA, France, Italy, Spain, China, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Venezuela, Ecuador and in their born country, Argentina.

In 2014 the band made his first tour through the USA, performing first at the Spoleto Jazz Festival (Charleston) and offering several brilliant concerts in New York, Washington DC & Los Angeles.